October 12, 2016

Greg DeLassus featured in Missouri Lawyers Weekly, October 12, 2016

St. Louis Patent Attorney Greg DeLassus was recently featured in an article by Missouri Lawyers Weekly. An excerpt of that article follows below:

Greg DeLassus likes to say that his favorite moment as an attorney happens every time he gets to see a television advertisement showcasing a product for which he helped get a patent.

With a burgeoning biotechnology industry nurturing more new startups in the St. Louis area every year, those happy moments may come more and more often for this intellectual property attorney. He certainly doesn’t find life sciences cases intimidating. His JD is bolstered by degrees in biology and microbiology and he’s worked as a research associate at both Washington and Saint Louis universities.

What is your biggest accomplishment this year?

My proudest accomplishments each year always relate to patents that cover new medical technologies.

The nature of the health care industry is such that medical technologies that do not get patents are never brought to clinic. I am proud to think that we are helping the life and health of real people.

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