September 8, 2016

Harness Dickey Receives Top Ten Ranking for Patent Firms in 2015

Harness Dickey, one of the nation’s leading intellectual property law firms, was recently ranked seventh on the list of “Top Patent Firms for 2015.” The list, released by industry website IPWatchdog, is based on the total number of U.S. utility patents issued in 2015 in which the firm was included on the front page of the patent. This year’s rankings include more than six-hundred firms that obtained fifty or more patents.

“We like seeing these objective lists based on hard numbers, and we are certainly excited to be listed in the Top Ten,” said Mike Brennan, Principal, in Harness Dickey’s Troy, Michigan office. “This is a testament to the hard work, experience and efficiency of our attorneys, and we look forward to serving our clients and watching these numbers grow for next year’s list.”

In its 95 year history, Harness Dickey has obtained more than 55,000 patents for its clients. The firm earned its place on the IPWatchdog ranking for 2015 by obtaining 3,052 U.S. utility patents in the calendar year. In addition to utility patents, Harness Dickey’s team of more than 100 patent and trademark attorneys obtained 265 design patents and 396 trademarks.

With offices in four states, Harness Dickey is the counsel of choice for clients in diverse industries including automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical, electrical and internet technologies, medical devices, software, telecommunications, and more. The firm’s full-service approach to intellectual property management includes securing patents, trademarks and copyrights, as well as securing intellectual property transactions and serving as chief counsel in litigation proceedings in federal courts throughout the country.

Please visit the IPWatchdog website to view the complete “Top Patent Firms for 2015” rankings.

About Harness Dickey

One of the largest and most respected intellectual property law firms in the country, Harness Dickey safeguards critical IP assets on a global scale for Fortune 500 companies and privately-held businesses, public companies, universities, inventors, artists and entrepreneurs worldwide.  Harness Dickey obtained more than 3,000 patents and nearly 400 trademarks for its U.S. clients last year, and was ranked seventh among the nation’s top patent firms in 2015 by IPWatchdog.  Harness Dickey has offices in the metropolitan areas of Dallas, Detroit, St. Louis, and Washington, DC. Visit and follow @harnessdickey for more information.