September 8, 2017

Patent Attorney Coauthors RAND Article on Wearable Technology for Law Enforcement

By Christopher A. Eusebi, Principal

Harness Dickey Principal Chris Eusebi recently coauthored an article sponsored by The National Institute of Justice to identify high priority research needs of criminal justice agencies. The article, which was published today by The RAND Corporation, presents high impact wearable technologies for law enforcement.  Eusebi, who is a registered patent attorney in the firm’s Troy office, developed the systems using S&T foresight techniques .

“The positive takeaway from the article is that there are new technologies that can increase police officer health and safety, as well as reduce the chance of surprise.  These technologies are available today at reasonable costs,” said Eusebi. “We also know that more-sophisticated wearable technologies are in development now and should be available soon.”

To read the full article, please visit the RAND website or use the reader below.