January 25, 2018

Patent Attorney Tyson Benson to Lead Webinar on iEdison Compliance for Universities

By Tyson B. Benson, Associate

Metro Detroit patent attorney Tyson Benson is set to lead a new webinar presentation aimed at helping universities better understand the Bayh-Dole Act and comply with Federal Government regulations by harnessing the iEdison platform.

Entitled “Maintaining Compliance with iEdison: A Practical Guide for Universities,” the webinar will touch on many of the key points raised in his previous presentation on the Bayh-Dole Act while providing new insights on iEdison reporting and policy requirements.

Benson will discuss practical strategies for understanding iEdison, avoiding reporting mistakes, and steering clear of red flags. There will also be an interactive portion for participants to ask questions.

Learn more and register for the event on the Tech Transfer Central website.