September 19, 2017

“Charged up: Engineer turned attorney enjoys assisting inventors,” Oakland County Legal News, September 19, 2017

Patent attorney Jeanette Berberich counsels clients in numerous industries as they bring their key innovations to wider markets—and enjoys the perspective and enthusiasm of these inventors.

“I’m a strong believer that Detroit has and always will have some of the best innovators in the country,” she says. “A number of inventors are very excited about the patent process and about their invention, and they enjoy the initial discussions describing their invention and all its possible embodiments. It’s refreshing to see when inventors are so passionate about their work.”

A patent attorney at Harness, Dickey & Pierce PLC in Troy, Berberich focuses on patenting new technologies in the electrical and optical fields—bringing to bear her previous experience as an electrical engineer. She does a lot of work on software patents, and gained a large portion of her computer experience developing software at the University of Utah.

Berberich earned her undergrad degree in electrical and electronics engineering from the University of Michigan.

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