March 2, 2017

“Six Cities Are Heating Up in High-Tech Business & Legal Work,” Of Counsel, March, 2017

The cities of Tampa, Portland, OR, Chicago, Salt Lake City, St. Louis, and Charleston, SC, are very different culturally, geographically, and economically, but they share a commonality: They’re all high-tech centers, or in the case of Charleston, well positioned to become one. The emergence, and in the case of Portland, the expansion, of these tech corridors means that lawyers in those markets who have tech-related practices are staying busy or should expect to get busy as demand for legal services rises.

Yes, of course, the Silicon Valley, Austin, Boston, and Northern Virginia are still among the leaders in tech-focused businesses. The other cities, however, offer perhaps more opportunities for law firms that want to serve both tech startups and established technology companies because competition for clients isn’t quite as fierce as it is in the traditional tech corridors.

In St. Louis, the high-tech activity is focused on software, biotech, and mechanical tech startups, according to Greg DeLassus, a patent and IP attorney at the nationally recognized, St. Louis-based Harness Dickey. The firm works closely with and represents two incubators located in the Gateway City: BioGenerator and the Center for Emerging Technologies. “I do a fair amount of work for inventors who are sheltered under the roof of those two incubators,” he says. “And, my colleagues and I serve as an educational resource for the inventors there.”

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